Connecting with Clients: The Value Of A Real Estate CRM

May 4, 2022

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Communication is key to a successful real estate business. This means reaching out to prospects, staying connected with current clients, and keeping in touch with past clients to nurture relationships. It can be a lot to manage, no matter how seasoned you are.

There’s a host of questions agents often have about communications: how often should you touch base with clients? When? And how? It’s important to stay top of mind so that you don’t miss out on opportunities. The key is determining how to communicate with clients in the right way, and with the right frequency – that’s the sweet spot that all agents should aspire to.

How often should you use a real estate CRM to follow up?

It can be challenging to figure out how often to communicate, when to reach out, and the best method for contacting clients. There’s no one universal answer as this partly depends on the type of client you’re communicating with. Here’s a quick guide to help you:

  • New leads: Immediate follow-up is critical. But what if you’re not available to follow up right away by phone? This is where automation comes in. Set up an automated email so your leads receive a reply ASAP. After you follow up with a call, use a contact management system for real estate agents to keep tabs on follow-up dates, conversation history, and other important information about the lead. 
  • Active clients: This group needs to be in the loop about what’s happening in the market, which means you should touch base at least once a week. When you’re working with sellers, you need to keep them abreast on feedback from showings, your marketing activities, and much more. A real estate agent CRM keeps sellers looped in to everything you’re doing for them (which is a lot!)
  • Past clients: Nurturing relationships with past clients is important because it can lead to repeat business and referrals. Go beyond keeping in touch during the transaction process – continue to reach out regularly after the transaction is complete. 

Here are some natural touchpoints you can use a real estate CRM for:

  • Moving day: Offer help with the move or order dinner for your client – this small gesture will go a long way.
  • After moving day: Send flowers or a basket after the client has moved into their new home.
  • One to two weeks post-moving day: Check in to see how the client is settling in and ask if they need assistance with anything.
  • Every quarter: Send market updates. You may want to consider distributing a professional newsletter. This will keep clients in the know while making you look like a pro.
  • Twice a year: Email clients when important milestones come up, such as birthdays and home anniversaries. Or simply call or email to check in and say “hello.” You never know when a client may be thinking of selling, and you want to make sure you’re the agent that comes to mind!

Stay connected and keep clients engaged with AFrameSoftware’s real estate CRM solution

Put communication with clients on autopilot with a real estate agent CRM built by agents for agents. AFrameSoftware’s solution is loaded with features to help you stay connected with leads, current clients, and past clients, including:

Lead tracking to ensure you don’t miss a beat with buyer and seller leads. Store information such as follow-up dates, conversation history, and potential income.

A client portal that keeps sellers informed at each step of the transaction process, so they’re in the know and see how hard you’re working for them.

Touch date reminders to keep you on top of important milestones in your clients’ lives (perfect for keeping in touch with past clients).

About Our T/CRM Software

By combining transaction and customer relationship management, AFrameSoftware’s platform is a game changer for realtors. Keep in touch with clients, stay organized, and grow your business with a CRM that was designed specifically to meet the needs of real estate professionals. Contact us to learn more about AFrameSoftware or sign up for a free demo