Real Estate Lead Generation to Grow Your CRM Database

September 14, 2022

real estate lead generation for your CRM

Real estate is a people business above all else. Taking this one step further, it’s about relationships – initiating them, nurturing them, and growing more of them. Knowing how to build and maintain relationships is the key ingredient to success as a realtor.

You may have a respectable enough client list, but to level up, you need to find more clients (while keeping the ones you have.) The million-dollar question is: what’s the best way to do this?

Real Estate Lead Generation in 4 Steps 

  • Tap into your network

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the low-hanging fruit. Get in touch with relatives and let them know you’re looking for clients. Ask friends for referrals. Let your local dry cleaner or hairdresser know that you’re a realtor looking to build your business. Don’t be shy!

  • Create a website

You need to make it easy for potential clients to find you. Chances are the first thing any potential client will do is Google your name to find your website. So be sure you have a site and that it makes a good first impression. Hire someone if you need to. Or you can try to create a website on your own. 

  • Use direct mail marketing

Don’t believe anyone who tells you direct mail is a thing of the past. It’s a very effective marketing tool for realtors looking to build their business. Colorful images of sold homes (especially if you can include sold prices above asking) can be powerful for real estate lead generation. Remember to include a clear call to action so leads know how to get in touch!

  • Engage through email

Once you’ve built your contact list, stay top-of-mind by engaging regularly with past clients and leads via email. A monthly e-newsletter or regular blog posts on topics of interest will showcase your knowledge while providing your contacts with high-quality content. If the information is valuable, contacts may forward your content to others in their network, helping you reach a wider audience (and potential new clients).

The importance of keeping contacts organized 

As your list of clients and leads grows, it’s important to keep your contacts organized. This is important not only for managing your contacts but for ensuring you follow up with them regularly. You want to make sure you engage frequently with leads as well as current and past clients, to show you care about them and to ensure you’re the first person they think of when they’re looking to buy or sell.

A CRM platform built specifically for realtors, like AFrameSoftware, is invaluable in keeping contact lists organized thanks to a host of useful features such as:

  • Contact categories that allow for easy grouping of contacts. You can also schedule follow-ups, select relationship ratings, and assign ownership when working with a team.
  • Touch date reminders that ensure you never miss important milestones in contacts’ lives (while providing a great opportunity for you to connect with clients and leads).
  • Lead tracking that allows you to store information such as follow-up dates, conversation history, and potential income so you don’t miss a beat on your buyer and seller leads.
  • Client portal that keeps clients in the know every step of the way.

Learn more about how AFrameSoftware’s powerful CRM platform can help you with real estate lead generation, helping you grow your list of contacts – and your business. To find out more, visit our website or email us at info@AFrameSoftware.com