What is a T/CRM?

August 20, 2020

You’ve heard the term CRM, but what the heck is a T/CRM – and why should I care?  There is no shortage of CRMs out there, and they range from the very basic to the insanely complex.  Finding the right one is difficult – especially in the residential real estate space.  Just using a CRM isn’t enough because keeping track of your deals/transactions is key to running your business.  If you can’t keep track of your business and give your clients great customer service, then those clients you’ve worked so hard to get will often look elsewhere.

A T/CRM is a software suite that combines the features of a traditional CRM with the those of Transaction Management (think Transaction Coordinator tasks) all on one platform.  By combining the two, a T/CRM provides an efficient and intuitive space to keep track of your contacts and also run your business.

So many CRMs only concentrate on funneling cold leads into your database but fail miserably to provide your clients with a great customer experience.  That’s where AFrame is different.  It combines the two eliminating the need for multiple technology solutions – ultimately saving you money, making your job more efficient, and keeping clients for life… which after all, is the ultimate goal!