Simplify The Complex World of Real Estate with a T/CRM.

What’s a T/CRM? It combines transaction management and customer relationship management in a single platform for real estate agents and transaction coordinators. AFrame simplifies your business by providing powerful real estate software to manage contacts, listings, contracts and transactions with ease.

Discover how top real estate professionals and transaction coordinators streamline their business and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Let’s face it… Residential real estate is complex and keeping track of everything isn’t easy – especially as your team and production grow.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single platform that manages your transactions & contacts and helps grow your business? That’s why we created AFrame.

Trusted by Top Real Estate Professionals

AFrame was created with input from teams closing over 100 transactions per year who needed a powerful tool to manage their business. The result? A real estate software suite that thinks like you do.

AFrame is different. It seamlessly manages listings, buyer + seller transactions, client relationships, task lists, documents, goal tracking, sales analytics, and more — all on one platform.

And our simple pricing model allows you to enter an unlimited number of transactions, “managed agents”, and documents at no extra charge so you can scale your business without huge monthly price increases.

Transaction Management + CRM

Why Top Agents + Transaction Coordinators Choose AFrame

Tools that actually help you run your business


Expert Transaction Management

Designed to manage every aspect of the listing and contract process with action plans, document storage, contract date reminders, activity logs, email templates, and more…

A Powerful CRM

Our Powerful CRM system makes it easier than ever to reach out to your contacts and keep the clients you’ve worked so hard to create.


Organize + Simplify

Manage 100’s of transactions with our dashboard, user assignment features, action plans & reminders. Organize 1000’s of contacts with categories, ownership, and relationship ratings.


Meaningful Analytics

Leading professionals know the importance of tracking your numbers. AFrame allows you to set goals, track important sales statistics, and analyze your numbers so you can take your business to the next level.


Client portal

Our robust client portal keeps your sellers and buyers informed through every step of the way, giving access to important files, listing activities, showings/feedback, and contract dates.


Tasks + Dates + Reminders

Never miss an important date or task. Set reminders for almost anything and apply multiple tasks with customizable action plans.

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