Transaction Management

Transaction Coordinators love AFrame.


At its core is a powerful transaction management system that allows you to keep track of your current listings, as well as buyer and seller contracts. Easily manage 1 to 100+ transactions at a time while maintaining an unmatched level of customer service.

And our simple pricing model allows you to enter an unlimited number of transactions, “managed agents”, and documents at no extra charge so you can scale your business without huge monthly price increases.


Action Plans

Easily assign multiple tasks when taking a new listing or putting a buyer/seller under contract. Tasks can be autoassigned to any team member. Integrate tasks with email/ letter templates for consistent & efficient client communications.


Showing/Activity Logs

Keep everyone in the know with activity logs. Log marketing activities, showings/feedback, emails, open houses, and sign calls – all in one location

Auto-import showings and feedback from ShowingTime or Supra


Contract Dates

Never miss another contract date! Enter any number of contract dates and get reminders via email, calendar alerts, and mobile push notifications. And when you change a date in AFrame, all assigned team members are notified.


File Storage

Upload and organize transaction files. Now you will have access to sales contracts, seller disclosures, surveys, etc. on your phone, at the office, or at home. Have peace of mind knowing your files are secure and backed up on the cloud.


Email/Letter Templates

With a touch of a button create emails for your clients that contain merged contact, listing, and contract information to ensure every client has a consistent & professional experience


Powerful CRM

Don’t just store contacts – work them.


AFrame keeps track of all your contacts, and like any powerful contact management system, it allows you to store all pertinent information, categorize contacts for easy grouping, log notes, and share contacts in a team environment



Easily manage the largest of contact lists with contact categories for easy grouping, select relationship ratings for scheduled follow-ups, and assign ownership in a team environment.


Touch Dates

Get reminders for important touch dates for each contact including home purchase anniversaries, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries.


Prospecting Tools

Systematically work your database through powerful prospecting tools. Use our auto-prospecting engine to “work your contacts” for new business or manually create lists to call or email.


Lead Tracking

Keep a tight grip on all your hot buyer & seller leads and store information such as follow-up dates, needs & wants, conversation history, and potential income


Import / Export

Easily import contact data from almost any source – and create customized exports for mailing lists and email marketing.


Client Portal

Keep your clients in the know.


How do you currently communicate with your sellers and keep them updated on your listing activities, showings & feedback? AFrame solves this problem by providing a branded web portal for each client that shows details on each transaction.


Keep Your Sellers Informed

Make sure your sellers are informed of everything you are doing for them. Easily log marketing activities, showings & feedback, social posts, open houses, sign calls, and completed tasks.


Showing Time & Supra

Import showings and feedback from Showing Time or Supra so that you have everything in one location. This eliminates your clients from going to multiple locations and you control the narrative.


Files and Weblinks

Provide access to important transaction documents such as listing agreements, contracts, and seller disclosures. You can even enter weblinks for easy access to property websites, slideshows, and Dropbox folders.


Contract & Closing Details

Keep your client informed of important contract dates, provide transaction contact information such as closing escrow officers, lenders, attorneys, inspectors, etc.


Share What You Want

Pick and choose what your clients sees. You can show or hide any activity, contract date, uploaded file, or transaction contact – you are in control.


Reports + Goals + Analytics

Know your numbers.


As a leading agent, you realize the importance of tracking your numbers. AFrame allows you to set goals, track important sales statistics, and analyze your numbers so you can take your business to the next level


Set Goals

Having a target to strive for is key in the real estate business. With AFrame, each user can set personal goals for units, volume, and income so you stay on track.


Analyze Your Business

View stats in real time on the dashboard so you will always know how your (and your team’s) actual numbers match up to your goals.


Detailed Reports

Run customized reports that break down where your business comes from so you can identify areas where you need to make changes to accomplish your goals


Built For Teams

As you grow, AFrame grows with you.


AFrame was designed from the ground up to support multiple users. So whether you are a solo agent or have a large team with selling agents, buyer agents, and transaction coordinators, AFrame is the right solution for you.


Contact Ownership

Contacts can be owned by one or multiple users. This enables the ability to know who “owns” each contact – create searches, mailing lists & data exports that are specific to each user.


Assign Anything

Transactions, contact, notes, activities, files, and tasks are all user designated. Easily track which users created any entry and assign transactions and tasks to any member on your team.


Individual & Team Stats

Statistics and goals are broken down by each user so any agent can see how they are doing in relation to their goals. Team leads can run reports on the entire team to make sure the group is headed in the right direction.

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