3 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

June 1, 2022

successful real estate agents

Success is often associated with huge, sweeping wins. But for most people, small habits add up to big gains. This is especially true for successful real estate agents: building and sticking to a set of daily habits before, during, and after the transaction process can translate into big wins for your business. This is also more realistic – and sustainable – over the long term.

Not sure how to get started? Here are three habits that can help drive success for realtors.

Keep Excellent Records for Success

Real estate agents need to keep track of a multitude of details about leads, clients, and transactions. Having this information organized and easy to access is important. If you’re about to call a lead, for instance, you’ll want immediate access to information about them as well as your conversation history.

A contact management system for realtors is essential for capturing every little detail while keeping contacts organized. Every time you have an interaction with a lead or client, you should enter notes about them immediately into the contact management system. This daily habit will make a big difference in improving your communications with clients and making this more systematic rather than haphazard. A CRM for realtors makes record-keeping easy with a host of built-in features designed for the way you run your business.

Daily Follow Up For Successful Real Estate Agents

Did you know that 90 percent of homebuyers claim they would use their real estate agent again or recommend them to others? But according to the National Association of Realtors, the typical realtor earns only 13 percent of business from repeat clients and 17 percent through referrals from previous customers.

This is where a daily follow-up habit can make a huge difference. Every day, devote about a half hour to following up with leads, current clients, and past clients. This may involve sending emails to acknowledge important milestones, following up on listings of interest with clients who are buyers, or sending market reports to past clients. A CRM for realtors helps put follow-up on autopilot by sending reminders about important touch dates, and keeping current clients in the know at all stages of the transaction process.

Successful Real Estate Agents Engage With Leads Daily

Don’t let this source of new business slip away! Nurture leads by implementing a system to ensure you capture information about them and follow up immediately, and often. Make this a habit every time you encounter a new lead. This is key if you want to turn leads into clients: 80 percent of leads require at least five follow-ups, according to research. It’s important to store information about leads in a contact management system for realtors so that you’re keeping tabs on every conversation and noting every little detail about a potential new client. Having this information organized and easily accessible will make follow-up calls run smoothly. Look for a CRM for realtors with built-in features to help you systemize lead tracking.

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