Staying Organized = Keys to Success for TCs

February 15, 2023

Transaction Coordinators can multitask with the best of them. Keeping agents and transactions on schedule, running your day-to-day, and prospecting for more customers can be a handful. With so much to manage, organization becomes the key to success. 

Making a habit out of organization starts one step at a time. Anyone who has worked in real estate can tell you it’s easy to get buried in the chaos of documents and emails. But that makes it even more important to stay on top of everything. Here’s how to prioritize organization so you can increase your productivity and decrease your stress.

  • Organize your digital environment.
    Let’s talk about your digital environment. Clutter and lack of organization in your electronic files can have the same negative impact as loose papers on your desk. We strongly recommend using consistent naming conventions for all of your files (especially those that clients and agents see) and ensuring your computer and cloud files are both organized the same way. Taking organization to the next level often requires the use of a transaction management platform. T/CRMs will help you organize your transactions with task, date, and document templates. As your production grows, finding the right T/CRM for you is a key step in the process.
  • Digitize your dates (and share them with your agents).

    You’re tracking contingency periods, contract dates, closings, and all for multiple clients. With so many dates to juggle, sometimes you (and your agents) need a quick reminder throughout the day. The easiest route is to make sure all transaction dates are in your calendar and that your agents are invited to any events you’d like for them to join Better yet, use a transaction management platform to manage this process for you. Your T/CRM should have date templates and calendar feeds that allow you to share all dates with your clients in real time plus reminders for those dates you just can’t miss.

  • Create a routine onboarding process.
    Growing your business requires efficiency and consistency. A regular checklist of tasks to complete when onboarding new clients can help simplify the process while improving your clients’ experiences. Routine processes can also ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Start by creating a checklist of your current process, then assess what is working and what isn’t. 
  • Automate tasks.
    Being a successful Transaction Coordinator also means being consistent and efficient. It can be overwhelming to track all of the things you have to do in order to see a transaction through to close. Creating task templates toautomate task creation (along with email templates) will make your life that much easier. First you need to identify what tasks you do for each stage of a transaction. Then create task templates based on this analysis. Transaction management software allows you to create task templates easily, auto-assign due dates, and create email templates for those tasks that require correspondence. Automating these actions is the key to making your life better!

Staying organized and going digital is the key to getting your real estate chaos under control – and using a transaction management platform is the best and fastest way to get there.  AFrame’s best in class Transaction Management Platform is used by many of the top Transaction Coordinators in the industry, closing hundreds of transactions per year. Remember, good habits take time to build and AFrame is here to help. 


To learn more about why AFrame Software’s platform is the best T/CRM for Transaction Coordinators, visit www.AFrameSoftware.com  or email us at info@AFrameSoftware.com.