How to Warm Up to Cold-Calling for Realtors

April 27, 2022

cold calling

It’s a task that usually doesn’t inspire much enthusiasm among real estate agents. When ranking the fun and exciting parts of a realtor’s job, cold calling is typically at the bottom of the list. But response time is key if realtors want to turn new leads into clients: according to a survey, 86% of leads feel response time is “extremely important” when deciding on a real estate agent, while the first agent to respond to a lead increases the chance of conversion by 238%

Don’t let opportunities slip away! Being fast to follow up with leads and keeping them warm is an important part of growing a real estate business. This is why cold calling is a crucial skill that agents need to master.

3 Tips For Cold-Calling

Take the dread out of picking up the phone and become a cold calling pro by following these tips:

Do your research

Wouldn’t cold calling be more pleasant – maybe even fun – if you knew beforehand that a lead enjoys playing pickleball, which you happen to play, too? Or maybe the lead recently travelled to Guatemala, which you also visited a few years ago. Turn a cold call into a friendly conversation by doing a little bit of legwork before you pick up the phone. 

The good news is that this has never been easier, thanks to the internet and social media. With a few clicks, you can learn about a person’s job and get information about their hobbies and interests. Weave this into the conversation to connect on a more personal level with the lead. 

A robust CRM can help with this, allowing you to store information you uncover about leads while doing research. So all the details you need are at your fingertips when you pick up the phone.

Email + phone = success

Emailing a lead is a great way to warm them up before you call, and the combination of email marketing and calling tends to be more effective than either tactic on its own. A real estate agent CRM solution that includes email templates can take the guesswork out of sending emails while making you look like a pro. 

Pro Tip: AFrameSoftware is the best contact management for realtors because it allows you to store all pertinent information about leads and log notes, making it easy to personalize emails for different leads.

Prepare for lulls

It’s inevitable: every realtor has slow periods at some point. So what should you do when you hit a lull? Engaging with a client relationship management platform that has a built-in auto prospecting engine will allow you to keep leads (and other contacts) warm while streamlining the communication process. Real estate CRM software like AFrame can provide touch date reminders for milestones like birthdays or anniversaries, giving you a natural reason to send an email or pick up the phone during slow periods.


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