Why You Shouldn’t Reinvent the Wheel for Each Real Estate Transaction

April 15, 2022

Put transaction management on autopilot with a CRM designed for realtors.

Professional real estate agents know that relationships are the foundation of a successful real estate business. This means tailoring your approach to each individual client. But while each client may have different needs, there is very little difference between each real estate transaction.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can save time by standardizing and automating transaction management? This will free up time for the most important part of the job: interacting with clients and nurturing relationships.

Using a real estate T/CRM software that combines transaction + contact relationship management can help boost your productivity while providing an unmatched level of service to your clients.

Consistency is Key for Success (and Client Satisfaction)

There are a lot of traits that determine success in real estate, including a strong work ethic, discipline, persistence, and adaptability. But being a successful realtor also hinges on being consistent in everything you do. 

Having a repeatable process will ensure you stay on top of every little detail, and that nothing falls through the cracks. From the client’s perspective, consistency is also important. It makes you look like a professional on top of their game.

The problem for some realtors is that there can be an overwhelming amount of information to track, and endless small actions to perform for every transaction. Having the right software solution for your real estate business means you no longer need to worry about missing important details. 

Even better: a transaction management tool and contact management system for realtors will keep everyone else on your team in the loop too. The right solution makes it easy to maintain consistent processes while ensuring clients receive a consistent experience.

5 CRM Features for Consistent Real Estate Transactions

Choosing a CRM that has both business generation and transaction management will save you valuable time and create a consistent experience for each of your clients. 

Here are the key features to look for in your real estate CRM so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for each transaction:

  • Action plan and task templates: Whether you’re placing a new listing on the market or tracking a buyer/seller contract, customizable action plans make sure you (and/or your assistant) never drop the ball. With each new listing or contract, keeping track of the 20-50 to-do’s is not scalable or realistic. For those with a team, assigning tasks to various team members within a T/CRM can be a game changer.
  • Email/letter templates: Using email templates with merge fields allows you to set up a consistent (yet customizable) communication plan for each listing and transaction.  Why are you recreating that “Preparing to Close” or “Important Dates” email each time? With email templates, a T/CRM can generate emails for you with a click of a button, merge the data you want, and then you can customize/personalize the email before you send. And if you have a team, email templates ensure that your clients are getting “your voice” no matter who generates the email.
  • Showing/activity logs: Your job as an agent or transaction coordinator is to keep your clients and your team up to date on what is going on. That means tracking listing activities, marketing activities, showings/feedback, emails, open houses, and sign calls — all in one location. That way, you make sure everyone is in-the-know.
  • File storage: Your CRM should have file storage where you can save files related to a listing or transaction. This includes the listing agreement, sales contracts, seller disclosures, etc. Storing files in one location, organized by transaction, will do wonders for your business. This enables access to your files from anywhere and allows you to rest easy knowing your files are secure and backed-up in the cloud.
  • Contract dates: Keeping track of contract dates for 1 or 2 transactions isn’t that hard, but when you add a few more transactions or a team member or two, the possibility of dropping the ball increases dramatically. Your T/CRM should track all your contract dates, push those dates to your calendar, and send reminders to anyone who needs them. Missing a contract date could be detrimental to your/your clients’ transaction – especially if dates change throughout the process.

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