Slow Period? Revamp Your Business for Growth

February 20, 2023

Just like the weather, businesses go through seasonal changes. The good news is that there is no bad season! Although the number of transactions may drop seasonally, your time and availability are opening up more to get ready to build and prepare for the next busy season.

So sure, you can choose to slow down with the market — or you can prepare to hit the ground running. Success takes time and investment, and a little extra effort makes all the difference.

Here are some helpful actions you can take this season to show agents how you can make their business more successful.

4 tips to revamp your business during a slow period.

  • Reconnect with Agents. A slower period isn’t just quiet for you, it is for the agents you help, too. Agents have more time to reflect and begin to research ways to improve. This is exactly when you want to be at the top of their minds. Reevaluate the ways you market to them. Expand your channels beyond just email. Consider direct mail, gifts and email videos. Use this time to ask for more referrals. 
  • Revamp your marketing. Whether you have never considered having a website or have perfectly crafted marketing campaigns — there is always room for improvement. Write down all of your marketing efforts and consider what is working, what isn’t and areas you may be missing.  Spending just a few hours on a marketing email could pay rich dividends in the future. 
  • Learn something new. This is the perfect time to brush up on existing skills or learn new ones. You can research new technologies in your professional space or even enroll in online courses to better understand the real estate market. It is always good to stay in the loop on industry updates like legal changes and technologies agents are using.
  • Have fun and socialize! It’s been a busy couple of years. If you have a chance to slow down and spend time with your friends and family, why not use it! One of the easiest ways to find new clients is through your own social circle. So, extend your social life with local networking and professional events. Create situations for yourself to make meaningful interactions that will help you build relationships down the road.


There is a time and place for everything and that includes slow periods. No matter how you spend this period, remember to be diligent in your work. Stay active and stay engaged!