Feature Update :: New Contact & Transaction Fields, Task Auto-Adjusting Due Date “Bug”

February 23, 2023

We’ve added some new fields to the Contact and Transaction pages and fixed a “bug” in the way modified due dates work for Tasks…

  • New Contact Fields: We’ve added Middle Name and Job Title to both the primary and secondary contacts. You can access this data through their merge fields: $MiddleName, $JobTitle, $SpouseMiddleName, $SpouseJobTitle. Additionally, we have a new merge field code called $FullNames which will contain First Middle Last. Variations include: $FullName, $SpouseFullName
  • New Transaction Fields: We’ve added Occupancy to the Listing tab and Financing to the Contract tab. These also have associated merge field codes: $Occupancy, $Financing
  • Task Due Dates: For Tasks that have auto-adjusting due dates, now when you manually change the due date of a Task, auto-adjusting will be turned off for that Task.