4 Ways to Engage Sellers & Keep Them Happy (With Your Real Estate CRM)

January 6, 2021

Top agents know that real estate is a contact sport and a steady stream of communication with your sellers is key — failure here will almost certainly lead to a tarnished relationship.

Your ability (or inability) to communicate effectively will affect referrals, price reductions, listings extensions, etc. We can promise you, no one has ever lost a client who complained, “I’m hearing from my real estate agent too much.”

So how do you keep this line of communication open as you become busy — or worse, when nothing is happening on the listing? Sellers are trusting you with one of the biggest transactions of their lives so getting this right is of utmost importance.

4 Ways Top Agents Engage Their Sellers

  • Log Your Activities – Keep a log of your listing activities. Use a showing service to auto log showings & feedback. A good transaction / contact management system for Realtors (a T/CRM) makes it easy to enter marketing activities, social posts, open houses, sign calls, completed tasks, lead follow-ups, seller conversations and import showings & feedback. Your seller needs to know how much you are doing for them — because it’s a lot!  And you would be surprised how little time it takes to do this.
  • Put It In Your Schedule – Be consistent. Schedule a specific day and time each week (or every other week) to contact all of your sellers and talk to them. A quick one-on-one conversation is the best way to fish-out any pain points or frustrations your seller might have. Even when nothing is going on, call them. All they want to know is that you haven’t forgotten about them. 
  • Leverage Transaction Milestones – There are so many opportunities to reach out to your sellers during the transaction process — use these to your advantage. Sending emails at key milestones is an easy way to stay in touch. And make your life easier and create action plans and email templates in your T/CRM! Here are some examples of when and how to contact sellers to keep them engaged:

    • Send a thank you email when taking the listing
    • Notify them when the listing goes live in MLS
    • Provide them feedback after each showing
    • Communicate the important dates via email when the property goes under contract
    • Provide information regarding what to expect for the closing 
    • Send a thank you email after closing
    • Follow up 3, 7, and 30 days after closing
  • Keep It All Together With A Client Portal – A good T/CRM should provide a client portal that gives your seller a complete picture of the transaction — from listing/marketing activities, showings/feedback, transaction files & weblinks, important contract dates, and related contact information (e.g. title company).  This is the best way to keep your seller informed (and impressed) with all the activities/information needed to take a property from listing to close.

This is just a sample of how top agents keep their sellers informed and engaged throughout the process. And having a real estate contact management system like AFrame makes these essential tasks a trivial part of the transaction process.

So how often are you communicating with your sellers? Are you keeping them updated on your listing activities, open houses and showings feedback? Do you have a tool (e.g. client portal) to keep them organized with important transaction information?

If the answer is yes, you’re probably already using a robust contact management system for realtors like AFrame. If the answer is no, then you need to take a closer look at what AFrame can do for you.

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