Simplify Transaction Management to Save Time

September 7, 2022

Managing transactions is a key part of being a realtor, and it’s also one of the more time-consuming aspects of the business. There are endless tasks to remember, a constant stream of things to do, and at any given time there are several balls in the air. The more your business grows, the more vital it becomes to find a way to streamline this aspect of your business so you’re not drowning in an endless to-do list.

Simplifying transaction management can save you time, make your task list more manageable, and make it easier to scale your business. Here’s how to make this happen:

  • Identify what needs to be streamlined

Do an audit of your processes and systems to determine which tasks take up most of your time, what’s falling through the cracks, and what needs to change to increase efficiency. Going through this exercise might reveal that your processes are unclear, responsibilities are ambiguous, and that there are several ways for tasks to get overlooked.

  • Clarify roles & responsibilities

Defining roles and responsibilities is critical so everyone knows who is responsible for which tasks. This is especially important when roles overlap – if a task isn’t clearly assigned, there’s a chance no one thinks they are responsible for it. Brokers, transaction coordinators, agents, and support staff must be crystal clear on their role, including which specific tasks they are expected to perform.

  • Eliminate inconsistencies

Streamlining your workflow will help you save time while ensuring nothing gets missed. You’re more prone to errors when there are multiple ways of doing the same thing – for instance, accepting documents via email, fax, e-sign software, etc. Inconsistent processes are also a big timewaster. Eliminate inconsistencies and simplify transaction management by sticking to one single way of doing things. Another important thing to streamline is how people communicate with you. This means one phone number and one email address, so messages don’t end up in several different places.

  • Automate tasks

Think about how you handle repetitive tasks associated with transaction management. Do you manually enter each task into your calendar? Manual processes are a time drain, and doing things manually makes it more likely that a task might be missed. To save time, automate repetitive tasks using the right tools. Automating reminders for key milestones will also ensure you don’t forget important dates.

  • Create templates

Developing email templates for the most common communications can save you countless hours each week. Think about standard emails sent frequently that are associated with new transactions. Next, create templates for those emails, customizing a few lines here and there when you send the emails so they have a personal touch.

How AFrameSoftware helps simplify transaction management

AFrameSoftware’s real estate transaction software saves realtors time while boosting efficiency by streamlining workflows, automating tasks, and ensuring all documentation is in one place. 

Features include:

  • Action plans: Auto-assign tasks to team members and integrate tasks with email/letter templates for consistent client communications.
  • Activity logs: Ensure everyone is on the same page. Log marketing activities, showings, open houses, and more – all in one location.  
  • Reminders: Get reminders about contract dates via email, calendar alerts, and push notifications.
  • Email/letter templates: Ensure your clients have a consistent and professional experience while streamlining communications to save time.

Learn more about how AFrameSoftware’s real estate transaction software can help you save time, simplify transaction management, and scale your business by visiting our website or emailing us at info@AFrameSoftware.com