4 New Challenges Real Estate Agents Face (And How A Real Estate Agent CRM Can Help)

May 17, 2022

A career in real estate is exciting and rewarding, but the profession is also filled with challenges that can be difficult for even the most experienced agent to manage with a real estate agent CRM. That’s why it’s so important for agents at all levels to be equipped with the right tools so they can proactively handle any obstacles they’ll encounter during their careers. 

These are the four main challenges most real estate agents will face at some point in their careers and advice on how to prepare for each one (including how a real estate agent CRM help): 


It’s inevitable: sometimes the real estate market heats up and many buyers try to jump in at the same time, leading to demand outstripping supply.

How can you prepare? 

  • This challenge underscores the importance of being proactive with client relationships and consistently following up. Don’t wait for clients to reach out to you: a client may be considering selling their property but hasn’t yet made a decision. By following up, you may end up sparking a conversation with the client. Even if a client isn’t thinking of selling, they may have a friend or colleague who wants to sell.


Real estate agents are bombarded with new technologies that claim to solve every problem. The abundance of options can be overwhelming. It’s clear a CRM tool is a must to run a successful real estate business – the question is, which one to choose? 

How can you prepare?

  • The most valuable technology for real estate agents is a software solution that combines transaction management with customer relationship management, or a T/CRM. Be sure to invest in a platform that features both.


Gone are the days when realtors could build a successful business by relying solely on flyers or newspaper ads. Customers expect a consistent level of professionalism at every touch point, from their first interaction with a realtor. Real estate agents must also strike the right balance between effective marketing and appearing overly promotional or transactional.

How can you prepare?

  • It’s important to foster meaningful relationships with clients while delivering a consistent experience at the same time. A real estate agent CRM that helps agents maintain relationships on an ongoing basis while providing clients with a professional, consistent experience is invaluable.


Any real estate agent knows that the right communication at the right time is key to running a successful business. This means following up quickly with new leads, staying in touch frequently, and continuing to nurture relationships with past clients. 

How can you prepare?

  • Don’t count on your memory, a notebook, or even a spreadsheet to help you keep tabs on leads and past clients. Stay ahead of the game by investing in a CRM designed specifically for real estate agents, which will have all the tools you need to track new prospects through the lead lifecycle while reminding you when to follow up with past clients.

An All-In-One Real Estate Agent CRM 

AFrameSoftware’s real estate agent CRM is the first platform that was designed to think like an agent. Combining transaction management with customer relationship management, AFrame’s platform addresses the four key challenges outlined above. 

AFrame’s software for real estate agents is loaded with features that will help you run your business. At its core is a powerful transaction management system that includes:

  • Email/letter templates
  • Showing/activity logs
  • Contract dates
  • Action plans

AFrame’s real estate agent CRM makes tracking interactions with clients a breeze by flagging clients to follow up with and providing details of past interactions. Built-in tools help agents foster meaningful connections that go beyond transactions. Key CRM features include:

  • Touch dates: Get reminders of important milestones for each client, such as birthdays and home purchase anniversaries.
  • Lead tracking: Store information such as follow-up dates and conversation history, so you can easily stay on top of buyer and seller leads.
  • Contact categories: Manage large contact lists with categories for easy grouping, and select relationship ratings for scheduled follow-ups.

AFrame’s software for real estate agents also features a branded web portal for each client, helping organically nurture relationships by keeping clients up to date on every little detail. Clients receive communications that have a consistent look and feel, making agents look like pros. 

About AFrameSoftware: A Real Estate Agent CRM 

By combining transaction and customer relationship management, AFrameSoftware’s platform is a game changer for realtors. Grow your business, stay organized, and impress clients with a CRM that was designed specifically to meet the needs of real estate professionals. Visit our website to learn more about AFrameSoftware or email us at info@AFrameSoftware.com.